From Saturday June 15 will be prohibited the entry of domestic and foreign tourists to the pools of crystallization of the salt mines of Maras, located in the province of Urubamba, Cusco region. From that date, the tour will end at the general viewpoint.

The company MaraSal S.A. He informed in a statement to institutions and tour operators that the restriction measure is for reasons of healthiness, since the natural and medicinal product is consumed in Peru and the world.

They detailed that the presence of contaminating agents such as sputum, hair, papers, disposable plastics, cigarette butts, among others, has been recorded. “The accesses will be properly marked to give better flow (to the visit of tourists),” said the statement.

The district of Maras is located an hour and a half from the city of Cusco. This town is part of the tourist circuit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

In its jurisdiction are the most impressive salt pools of Cusco, which are reached by a road. Every day, hundreds of tourists agree to contemplate the production of natural salt.

Peruvian Sacred as one of the main tourist service operators of Cusco – Peru, is participating in The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show ITB BERLIN 2019, which will participate as

CO-EXHIBITOR, will be present at Booth 100 Hall 23A – 12.

This March 06 to March 10, 2019. We will be presenting our company that has the necessary experience and can be seen in this important event where the most important companies of the tourism sector worldwide meet.

Our work based on quality standards with well-defined policies guarantees the safety of our visitors and respect for the communities where we carry out our activities, with the complete satisfaction of our workers.

Our tourism operations that are done under the business values ​​will be shown in this important ITB Event – BERLIN 2019.

Peruvian Sacred also offers more than 60 Traditional Tourism and Adventure Tourism programs with various modalities such as City Tour, Community Rural Tourism, Rappelling, Climbing and Free Flight as well as various destinations such as Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Nazca Lines, Lima, Paracas, Trujillo, Kuelap, Manu reserve, Tambopata River, Iquitos, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trail, Colorful Mountain, Camino de lares, Choquequirao Trail, Ausangate Trail, Huayhauas Trail, Camino de Chachapoyas

We also act in other aspects of tourism such as trekking expeditions, Pedagogical Tourism, Excursion Tourism and Corporate Tourism.

We look forward to your visit at Stand 100 Hall 23A – 12. ITB BERLIN 2019, for more information,

Experience Brazilian Technical Standards (ABNT NBR ISO 21101 - NBR 15285)

1st Conversatory

In recent times adventure tourism has taken a great leap with topics of rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning, climbing, zip lines, trekking and all are stimulating experiences that provide a unique
experience. These activities are associated with a risk in which some people generate their concern, as they are potentially dangerous in these adventures.

Therefore, security can become a differential fact for the provider that guarantees an adventure service.

ISO 21101 establishes security management system
requirements for its adventure tourism providers, requiring a review of the activities they offer, first to understand the requirements of the participants, and then to define the security processes that
guarantee the activity under control. Any organization that provides

Adventure Tourism services that wants to highlight the safety of its customers as a corporate value.


  • It allows to improve the safety performance.
  • It favors the satisfaction of the expectations of
    the participants and the personal security.
  • Project on the market a safe practice of the activity.
  • Supports compliance with applicable legal requirements.
  • It allows to introduce improvements in the processes and their control.
  • It allows obtaining the ISO 21101: 2014
    Certificate by an accredited body.

Speaker of the event:

Pollyana Pugas

specializing in Classic Tourism and Adventure


  • Specialist in Entrepreneurial Management for Tourism and Masters in Administration and Rural Development (UFRPE) with emphasis on Public Policies and Sustainable Development.
  • Consultant, Lecturer and Auditor in the ABNT NBR ISO 21101 Standard
  • Security Management System for Ecotourism and Tourism activities of Lead Auditor in Quality Management System (ABNT NBR ISO 9001).
  • He has experience in the area of ​​Tourism and Planning with emphasis on Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism, Rural Tourism and Experience Tourism.
  • He worked in Consultancy work in the Implementation of the Security Management System for adventure tourism companies in
    Porto de Galinhas, Recife, Fernando de Noronha, São Paulo, Mato Grosso. Among the various works, he acted in the ecotourism products and adventure and in the structuring of governorates in destinations such as Chapada de los Veadeiros (GO), Chapada Diamantina (BA), Nobles (MT), Chapada dos Guimarães (MT), Porto de Galinhas (PE), Serras Gerais (TO).
  • As well as in the structuring of the Desportiva Fishing Product in the Valle del Araguaia Region (GO).
  • Currently Associate ABNT and participant of the study commission of the Brazilian Committee of Tourism – Adventure Tourism subcommittee (CB 054), Businesswoman associated with ABETA
    (Brazilian Association of Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism Companies), Representative of Vonát Consultoría (Empresa of Consultancy and Projects in Tourism) Instructor and Consultant with SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies)

Journalist | In charge of covering the entire event

Photographer and video producer. He has more than 10 years in the audiovisual production area and, since 2012 he has been working as a content editor and producer for social media. He is passionate about telling and creating stories,  regardless of format and for whom.

He is one of the members of Seppia – Content Generation, a content and communication consultancy agency that believes in a professional relationship, but always humanized.

Márcio Mecca

Márcio Mecca

Salkantay and Inca Trail 7 Days

The mountains of the Cordillera Vilcabamba ascend to pattern a fragmented series between the districts two important rivers, the Urubamba and the Apurimac. Near the Cordilleras northern side large frosty summits bump in to abundant rain forests. Situated northwest of Cusco Nevado de Salkantay, the cordillera’s highest peak is at the east end of the range and ascends up to 6271 meters above sea level. The meaning of the name Salkantay is ‘Savage Mountain’ which could refer to the churning clouds that ascend from the jungle lowlands and absorb the summit.

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Salkantay Trek 4 Days

If you have little time to visit Machu Picchu and
4 Days

Salkantay to Machu Picchu 5 Days

Walk through the mountains of Peru, visit the road from
5 Days
Salkantay Tour

Salkantay and Inca Trail 7days

Trekking from Salkantay and enjoy of Inca Trail to Machu
7 Days

Choquequirao Trek

The Choquequirao hike is an amazing trek that drops down into the Apurimac Canyon and then up again to the captivating ruins of Choquequirao. A difficult trek, though your efforts are paid off with the sensational vistas. The Choquequirao ruins sit atop of a ridge above Apurimac. Not as far reaching as Machu Picchu but likely more interesting and a lot more out-of-the-way. This is a one-of-a-kind path in the high Andes.

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Choquequirao Trek 5 Days

Many explorers who walk through Choquequirao are amazed by the
5 Days

Choquequirao trek 4days

Choquequirao Trek is maybe one of the toughest challenges, it
4 Days

Lares Trek 4 Days

Trekking through the abundant, peaceful district of the cordillera Urubamba on one of the most popular alternative hikes we cross high mountain peaks and semi tropical valleys. We can appreciate beautiful lagoons, natural thermal springs and Inca ruins. We pass through quintessential native areas. The detachment of this region has meant the the locals have maintained their Andean traditions.

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Magnific Lares Trek 4 Days

The Lares Trek in Peru invites you to visit the
4 Days

Lares to Machu Picchu 4 Days

Walk safely through the circuits from Lares to Machu Picchu
4 Days

Inca Trail

This is a less difficult trail and begins at kilometre 104 along the railroad of Cusco. The hike ascends to Wiñay Wayna where the trail connects with the final part of the classic Inca Trail and then moves down to Machu Picchu. This is an excellent alternative for tourists with less time or who are not up to the full four day trail. It also includes the fascinating ruins at Wiñay Wayna and participation in a section of the Classic Inca Trail. The route takes you through a lower altitude so acclimatisation beforehand is not necessary.

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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 Days
Special Offer

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 5days

Have at your disposal the dream of visiting Machu Picchu,
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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 days

Be part of the history of Inca Trail and cross
4 Days
Inca Trail to Machuppichu 4 Dyas

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 3days

Book in advance your Inca Trail Tour, we have options
3 Days

Inca Trail Machu Picchu 2 days

After a few hours of hiking on the Inca Trail
2 Days

Tourist offer of Peru with Peruvian Sacred Adventure in ITB

Between March 7th and 11 th, the tourist offer of Peru in ITB was made through a group of Peruvian businessmen including our company. The prestige of this tourism fair, which this year brought together more than 160 000 professionals from this sector, motivated us to participate for the first time.

In order to get new business contacts, we prepared a selection of our best products. We managed to have 30 business meetings and our most requested products were Camino Inca to Machu Picchu (4 days) and Camino Salkantay (4 days).

The companies that we had meetings with pointed out that the tourist offer of Peru in ITB is very wide and has Premium quality services. Precisely, our potential customers highlighted as an asset that Peruvian Sacred Adventure is a sustainable and responsible tourism agency in Cusco.

Another key factor that helped us in the presentation of our brand was our level of specialization. As is known, the German market is characterized by a marked preference towards nature and adventure tourism. Therefore,
Peruvian Sacred Adventure presented its entire offer in these segments.

Among the main companies we contacted were: Roundtrip Global (USA), Latin Travel (Holland), Latin America World, Ruf Reisen GmbH, Sprachcaffe Reisen GmbH and Miller Reisen GmbH (Germany).
Travel Overland GmbH, Reiseagentur Traumfänger GmbH, Benecke’s Reisewelt, Alpetour Gruppenreisen, Reisenkultouren GmbH, Exito Travel Inc., For You Travel GmbH, Ferien Touristik GmbH & Coral Travel.

Our certifications: Key elements for the presentation of the tourist offer of Peru in ITB

The different certifications and recognitions received were an added value to our tourist offer. For example, having the Regional Program for Tourism Quality and Sustainability certificate (DIRCETUR CUSCO and OGD CUSCO) as well as the international certification of TourCert, gave us the backing to guarantee that our services comply with high quality standards such as eco-friendly and socially responsible.

By obtaining the TourCert certification we are committed to responsible tourism. Our management and information system are designed under the TourCert standards and have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert certification commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions, customer information, as well as establishing fair business relationships. The agreements with our service providers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, preparation and selection of our travel offers.

Our company went through a process of implementation of an Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management guidelines to obtain these certifications of tourist quality. The external audit was carried out by the Spanish certifying entity AENOR.

All these credentials were our best letter of presentation to leave the high standard of tourist offer of Peru in ITB. These are essential values ​​to compete in a very demanding sector.

A socially and responsible Tourism Agency in Cusco

Since 2005 at the beginning of our operations, in Peruvian Sacred Adventure we care about positioning ourselves as a sustainable and responsible tourism agency in Cusco. We also have in mind the demanding need to have quality tourist services in the most important destination of Peru.

As a tour operator and travel agency, we specialize in nature tourism with special emphasis on adventure, community and ecological segment. Precisely, one of our main products is specialized walks like the Inca Trail.

Why we want to be a socially responsible tourism agency in Cusco?

In Peruvian Sacred Adventure, we have focused on quality service with the clear vision of becoming a leading company at the regional level in the operation of adventure tourism and hiking in the Andes of Peru.

We are a tourism agency in Cusco that has received important certifications. In order to obtain them, we have an integrated management system that incorporates the management of quality, environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

First, we obtained the certification and recognition of the Regional Tourism Quality and Sustainability Program promoted by DIRCETUR CUSCO and OGD CUSCO (2017). For this, we implemented the integrated management system based on the guidelines of ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management; being audited by AENOR (a Spanish certifying entity).

Peruvian Sacred Adventure: Tourism agency with international recognition in Cusco

This year we have been recognized with the international certification of TourCert for good practices in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This german association has a certification system aimed at managing aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE) through a comprehensive vision.

The TourCert system allowed us to carry out an in-depth analysis of all aspects of sustainability, carrying out continuous improvements, monitoring them by complying with international criteria based in ISO quality management standards, EMAS environmental management and in the ISO guide for social responsibility (ISO 2600).

The system developed especially for the tourism sector is accredited by the World Council of Sustainable TourismThis position leaves us as one of the few tourist agencies certified in tourism quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility that you can find in Cusco.

For this reason, we will participate in the ITB 2018 tourism fair because we consider that we meet the quality standards that the international traveler market demands today. Because of this, the companies that work with us can trust that their clients will receive a service that will exceed their expectations.

If you want to have a meeting with us during the ITB fair, contact us at

Our presentation and dossier in Spanish and English