Peru is home to some captivating cities full of allure and cultured style. They all have a distinct character. The excellent stone city of Cusco is the oldest constantly resided in city in South America. You can still feel the amazing energy in the heart of the Incan empire. It is worth spending some days in Lima to experience the variety and the liveliness of spirit here. There is a fascinating range of museums, restaurants, plazas and beautiful beaches. Take in the Pacific Ocean in all its awesomeness and don’t forget the cities come alive at night with cool bars and live music.


Peruvian Sacred & Adventure

Peruvian Sacred and Adventure’s main office is situated in the city of Cusco in the region of Cusco, Peru. It’s a great privilege and responsibility to be from Cusco and decedents of the Incan Empire; the most important civilization in South America. We have Machu Picchu which has always been the most well known Incan monument and recently named the fourth wonder of the world and today it is the most important tourist destination in Peru.


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