Strategic Values

In order to reduce and control the impacts generated by the tourism services offered in the protected and unprotected natural areas, our company intends to implement in its OPERATIONS activities environmental management actions that contribute to the conservation of the Inka Roads Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, and the Natural Areas that are found throughout our activities, which will form part of immediate action plans in all our activities.

The first step for adequate environmental management is the identification of negative environmental impacts caused by the provision of tourism services in protected and unprotected natural areas, the following are identified:

  • Generation of solid waste.
  • Erosion of roads
  • Disturbance to flora and fauna, etc.
  • Waste is selected based on compliance with current regulations for sustainable tourism use such as the Inka Trail Network, approved by the Peruvian State and administered by SERNANP and DDC in this regard:
    • Red Bag: Inorganic Waste (except PEP)
    • Green Bag: Organic Waste
    • White Bag: Plastic Bottles
    • Bolsa Negra: Sanitary Waste
  • The final disposal is made in the sector of km 106 of the Cusco – Machu Picchu railway line and the management is in charge of SERNANP, in case of InKa Road. In our other activities the final disposal is made in the containers of the city of Cusco we have an agreement with REMAR.
  • Reduce the consumption of water and energy, use them sparingly and instill it in our passengers.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste during the tourist operation.
  • Advise our passengers to bring their own bottles to fill water, avoid buying or take products with packaging or unnecessary packaging thus minimizing the generation of solid waste.
  • Ensure that the only footprint we leave in the natural space is the footwear of passengers, choosing routes that cause the least impact on the landscape, privileging paths and established paths.

The implementation of environmental standards or good environmental practices of sustainable tourism is a priority for our company, so the actions proposed in this tourism project are marked in the recommendations of the institutions that direct and award these recognitions. Among them we can mention:

  • Use of biodegradable products.
  • Carrying out talks on the importance of the conservation of protected and unprotected natural areas to our clients and the local population with whom we work.
  • Participation in clean-up campaigns organized by the SHM leadership and other organizations and initiatives.
  • Use of clean technologies and environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Encourage our passengers to purchase products that do not require the use of plants or animals in danger of extinction, nor acquire flora or fauna or derived products.
  • Instill in our passengers compliance with the laws, local regulations and the Inka Roads Network and ANP rules of conduct for responsible, sustainable tourism for a healthier and more supportive planet.