Tourist offer of Peru with Peruvian Sacred Adventure in ITB

Between March 7th and 11 th, the tourist offer of Peru in ITB was made through a group of Peruvian businessmen including our company. The prestige of this tourism fair, which this year brought together more than 160 000 professionals from this sector, motivated us to participate for the first time.

In order to get new business contacts, we prepared a selection of our best products. We managed to have 30 business meetings and our most requested products were Camino Inca to Machu Picchu (4 days) and Camino Salkantay (4 days).

The companies that we had meetings with pointed out that the tourist offer of Peru in ITB is very wide and has Premium quality services. Precisely, our potential customers highlighted as an asset that Peruvian Sacred Adventure is a sustainable and responsible tourism agency in Cusco.

Another key factor that helped us in the presentation of our brand was our level of specialization. As is known, the German market is characterized by a marked preference towards nature and adventure tourism. Therefore,
Peruvian Sacred Adventure presented its entire offer in these segments.

Among the main companies we contacted were: Roundtrip Global (USA), Latin Travel (Holland), Latin America World, Ruf Reisen GmbH, Sprachcaffe Reisen GmbH and Miller Reisen GmbH (Germany).
Travel Overland GmbH, Reiseagentur Traumfänger GmbH, Benecke’s Reisewelt, Alpetour Gruppenreisen, Reisenkultouren GmbH, Exito Travel Inc., For You Travel GmbH, Ferien Touristik GmbH & Coral Travel.

Our certifications: Key elements for the presentation of the tourist offer of Peru in ITB

The different certifications and recognitions received were an added value to our tourist offer. For example, having the Regional Program for Tourism Quality and Sustainability certificate (DIRCETUR CUSCO and OGD CUSCO) as well as the international certification of TourCert, gave us the backing to guarantee that our services comply with high quality standards such as eco-friendly and socially responsible.

By obtaining the TourCert certification we are committed to responsible tourism. Our management and information system are designed under the TourCert standards and have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert certification commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions, customer information, as well as establishing fair business relationships. The agreements with our service providers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, preparation and selection of our travel offers.

Our company went through a process of implementation of an Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management guidelines to obtain these certifications of tourist quality. The external audit was carried out by the Spanish certifying entity AENOR.

All these credentials were our best letter of presentation to leave the high standard of tourist offer of Peru in ITB. These are essential values ​​to compete in a very demanding sector.