A socially and responsible Tourism Agency in Cusco

Since 2005 at the beginning of our operations, in Peruvian Sacred Adventure we care about positioning ourselves as a sustainable and responsible tourism agency in Cusco. We also have in mind the demanding need to have quality tourist services in the most important destination of Peru.

As a tour operator and travel agency, we specialize in nature tourism with special emphasis on adventure, community and ecological segment. Precisely, one of our main products is specialized walks like the Inca Trail.

Why we want to be a socially responsible tourism agency in Cusco?

In Peruvian Sacred Adventure, we have focused on quality service with the clear vision of becoming a leading company at the regional level in the operation of adventure tourism and hiking in the Andes of Peru.

We are a tourism agency in Cusco that has received important certifications. In order to obtain them, we have an integrated management system that incorporates the management of quality, environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

First, we obtained the certification and recognition of the Regional Tourism Quality and Sustainability Program promoted by DIRCETUR CUSCO and OGD CUSCO (2017). For this, we implemented the integrated management system based on the guidelines of ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management; being audited by AENOR (a Spanish certifying entity).

Peruvian Sacred Adventure: Tourism agency with international recognition in Cusco

This year we have been recognized with the international certification of TourCert for good practices in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This german association has a certification system aimed at managing aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE) through a comprehensive vision.

The TourCert system allowed us to carry out an in-depth analysis of all aspects of sustainability, carrying out continuous improvements, monitoring them by complying with international criteria based in ISO quality management standards, EMAS environmental management and in the ISO guide for social responsibility (ISO 2600).

The system developed especially for the tourism sector is accredited by the World Council of Sustainable TourismThis position leaves us as one of the few tourist agencies certified in tourism quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility that you can find in Cusco.

For this reason, we will participate in the ITB 2018 tourism fair because we consider that we meet the quality standards that the international traveler market demands today. Because of this, the companies that work with us can trust that their clients will receive a service that will exceed their expectations.

If you want to have a meeting with us during the ITB fair, contact us at sales@peruviansacred.com

Our presentation and dossier in Spanish and English