5 Days

Salkantay to Machu Picchu 5days

Walk through the mountains of Peru, visit the road from Salkantay to Machu Picchu with its valleys and mountains that make the adventure unique in Cusco.

Live a real adventure on a route out of the way. Salkantay is one of the most important Apus or sacred mountains of the Inca Period, next to the Ausangate. One of the most fascinating ways to reach the amazing citadel of Machu Picchu. This excursion. A five-day trek merges the natural and ecological beauty being a beautiful alternative to the classic Inca Trail.

We will visit an archaeological center and we will be in close contact with the flora, fauna and ecological floors of the area. Beautiful and diverse landscapes expect to be discovered by you; Typical Andean landscapes, snowy mountains, tropical forests and finally the exuberance of the jungle.

The highest point of the trek is the snowy Salkantay where you will conquer the impressive view of the Valley of Mollepata. Awake the mountain man that is in you encamped in the skirts of the Nevado Humantay Mountain sister of the Salkantay.

Make this a complete adventure and make the longest Zip Line in all of South America and then enjoy the tropical paradise of the Therapeutic medicinal baths of Santa Teresa, a group of hot and transparent volcanic waters.

Do not miss the best route to get to Machu Picchu, Salkantay.

DEPARTURE TIMEArrive 4:00 – 4:30 hrs.
RETURN TIMEApproximately 19:30 hrs.
WEARComfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Pick up from the airport / bus pick up at your hotel: At the time indicated by the passenger.
Informative Talk: We will meet with you one or two days before your tour at your hotel to give you details about the walk.
Professional Guide: English and Spanish for the entire adventure tour and Machu Picchu.
Transportation: Pick up in the morning in private transportation from your hotel at the agreed time to the starting point of the trek.
Personal Shop: 02 people per tent, in tents with capacity for 04 people for greater comfort and so they can place their backpacks.
Camping equipment: kitchen tent, dining tent, chairs and tables
Inside the Tent: Matra or Insulation.
Entrance tickets: Salkantay and Machu Picchu.
Horse load: 6 kilos carries personal things of the pax.
Assistant Guide: From 9 passengers.
Food: 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches and 3 Dinners, snacks and lunches.
Description of Meals: Pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruits, avocados, pastas, chicken, meat, rice, salads, all rich in carbohydrates to replenish energy losses during the walk, hot drinks including Coca mate, The altitude sickness.
Alarm Clock: Every morning the cook will serve you a tea inside your personal tent
Tea Time: Every afternoon one hour before dinner, the cook will put on the table Corn popcorn, cookies, coffee, chocolate and different types of mates.
Snack: 3 snacks, one day, one fruit of the area, another day chocolates, another day Cookies or energy bar accompanied with candies, these will be delivered at the beginning of each walk.
Hotel in Aguas Calientes.
First Aid Kit: Includes oxygen ball
Train Tickets: Expedition (tourist train), you can request the panoramic view train by increasing USD 35.00 per ticket.
Transportation: Pick up from the Ollantaytambo or Poroy station to your hotel in Cusco
Personalized service 24 hours: During your stay in Cusco and Peru, our staff will provide personalized attention 24 hours cel. Emergency 984766436.
Move from the hotel to airport
Breakfast on the first day: you can take it at the hotel or in Ollantaytambo at the Huatakay buffet restaurant.
Lunch and Dinner on the last day: You can have lunch in the town of Aguas Calientes.
Sleeping bag: you must bring a bag 4 stations, if you can not rent in our offices cost of USD $ 25.00 (pen -15 ° C)
Walking sticks: if you do not have it you can rent in our offices the pair USD $ 20.00, brand Leki and Diamond.
Tips: For agency staff
Enter Huayna Picchu (plus USD $ 15.00)

More information
Local Information
The most important city of the Inca Empire, Cusco, is located at 3350 masl, where we will go by bus to the Sacred Valley passing through the villages of Maras, Chinchero, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, towns with living identity that have been maintained through years. Our starting point starts at KM 82 at 2800 masl


Day 1: Cusco - Mollepata - Soraypampa

Discovering the Inca world requires getting up very early. We will meet at your hotel between 4:00 a.m. to 4:40 a.m. to drive by bus to our starting point, Mollepata Square (2,800 masl). We will enjoy a temperate climate and jungle eyebrow vegetation.

On the way we will be able to see snows that belong to the chain of Salkantay that are at an approximate altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 masl. Mollepata welcomes us around 7:00 am. To undertake our trip contemplating the Salkantay located at a height 6,200 masl.

Our first trip on foot will last approximately 7 to 8 hours and then regain strength and fill us with energy with lunch. The reward is along the journey, walking to the village of Soraypampa, place of our first camp.
Food: Snack, Lunch, tea time and Dinner.


Day 2: Soraypampa - Paso Salkantay - Chaullay

Not every day you have the opportunity to wake up greeting the Salkantay, but today is the day! At 7:00 am we are waiting for breakfast to resume the journey of 7 or 8 hours on the way. Nature has planned to show us its treasure to contemplate clearly the echo tone and the difference between the altitudinal floors.

We will sneak through a canyon that will take us to the slopes of the Salkantay to continue with steady pace for three hours until the meeting point of lunch. It will be a good time to rest and discover the Salkantay in its splendor. When we reach the open, we descend to enter the jungle to the village of Chaullay, where we spend the night.

Meals: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack and dinner


Day 3: Chaullay - Beach - Santa Teresa

Yesterday we woke up in the mountains but today the tropic awaits us! The temperature increases and we are reaching the jungle eyebrow to discover its treasures. After breakfast we will enter the valleys near the birds, mammals, insects and other animals of the place, we will have the opportunity to observe the way of life of the inhabitants of the area and enjoy the thermal baths (Collpapampa) and the waterfalls Of Waynapoco. (We will depend on the rhythm of the group’s trek) We will be ready to undertake a walk 4 to 6 hours towards Sahuayacu or Playa where lunch awaits us.

Nature has prepared the most relaxing thermal bath for you and there we go. We will arrive to Santa Teresa where we can take a warm bath to relax the muscles and to spend the night. The cost of transportation and entrance to the thermal baths is not included in the package.

Meals: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack and dinner.


Day 4: Santa Teresa - Hydroelectric - Waters

Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest before completing our adventure! After breakfast, we will walk for 40 minutes until we reach the Vilcanota river, one of the main rivers of Peru that crosses the sacred valley of the Incas. We will make our way for about 2 hours in the direction of the hydroelectric to discover the Urubamba river valley.

The immense cataract that emanates from the mountain of Machu Picchu, will be the right place where we will have our lunch. A great stamp to take you to souvenir in photographs. Relive your spirit of traveling traveler by walking along the side of the train tracks. This road will take us to the town of Aguas Calientes where we will make a mandatory stop to rest in a hotel or comfortable hostel.

You can choose the option of taking the train from the hydroelectric to Aguas Calientes (cost is USD $ 35.00, not included in the package) or walk for 3 hours towards the same address. Meet coatis, fruit trees, Orchids and the popular Cock of the Rocks that awaits you on this path.

Meals: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, tea time and Dinner.


Day 5: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco

Today we will meet the most important Inca fortress in South America and have to get up early (5 a.m.) After breakfast we must be ready at 6:00 am. To ascend by bus to the mythical citadel of Machu Picchu. We will not miss any details with the guide information for 2 ½ hours. Write your own experience walking freely inside the Sanctuary, take photographs, selfies or just rest. It may be opportunity to climb to Wayna Picchu, mountain to climb inside the site, not included in the package. (You can consult with the guide).
It is time to return, we will arrange a meeting in the town of Aguas Calientes to deliver the train tickets to arrive at the station in Poroy. Upon arrival Transfer will be waiting to pick you up and direct you to your hotel for a well-deserved rest. Do not miss out on all that Salkantay-Machu Picchu can offer you.
Food Breakfast.

It is important to take into account that passengers arrive in Cusco at least two days before to acclimatize and make the trek. You can do practice tours like visiting the city and the Sacred Valley, these are gentle walks at considerable heights.

For this route it is also recommended to carry the following:

02 Long Sleeve T-Shirts (Thermo Skin).
01 thermal wool jacket.
01 hunting coat.
01 snow jacket
01 Trekking Trousers
02 pairs of socks
02 pairs of underwear
01 sun hat
01 rain covers (raincoats and others)
01 scarf
01 sunglasses

Mountain boots
01 pair of trekking shoes that support the ankles

Hygiene kit
01 towel for personal hygiene
01 biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
01 A personal cleaning kit (toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential items).

Salkantay Adventure tour