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By choosing Peruvian Sacred and Adventure you are choosing a company with a prosperous past. We have been operating tours for 15 years and have a large number of content clients.


We have managed to gain the confidence of our passengers and the friendly and partner agencies to charge us for the routes that we administer in operation. This confidence is renewed every year and is reflected in the growing number of passengers we drive, we serve and help.



We have acquired the necessary experience to move it to our passengers and agencies friends and partners who entrust us. The responsibility we assume with passengers and agencies concentrated during the operation time at our expense, from the booking confirmation, during services and even after his return trip.



Demonstrated throughout the process, all sequences of operation, prior, concurrent and later.

Our effort to accredit our company has allowed us to achieve consistent quality and customer satisfaction in every moment and circumstance.



We fulfill offered everything and always maintain equality between what we do, what we think and what is said or has been said.



We respect and value the time of others why we are faithful followers of all commitments, services, obligations on the agreed time.

Perú is as complex at its most intrincate and exquisite weavings

Festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard beams innovation and nature.


Peruvian Sacred & Adventure

Peruvian Sacred and Adventure’s main office is situated in the city of Cusco in the region of Cusco, Peru. It’s a great privilege and responsibility to be from Cusco and decedents of the Incan Empire; the most important civilization in South America. We have Machu Picchu which has always been the most well known Incan monument and recently named the fourth wonder of the world and today it is the most important tourist destination in Peru.


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