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Peruvian Sacred & Adventure

Since 2003 Peruvian Sacred is a Family, in constant growth. So we are committed to share unique experiences with our customers, who venture on a journey of hundreds of miles from their homes, from different parts of the world to reach Peru.

The emotions are Strong, unique experiences and unforgettable adventures are sensations that motivate us every day to constantly improve the services we offer.

Our wide variety of tours allows us to customize each trip and adapt to all types of clients and budgets.

Follow our itineraries and adapt them to your desire, Peruvian Sacred will create a trip according to the interest, budget, culture, nature or adventure that you want; concretize with us the trip of your dreams.

Peruvian Sacred

We create your adventure!!!

Work Team

With more than 16 years of experience in the world of tourism, our team is made up of:

Alcira Condori founder and Manager, Marco Carrilllo Jordan Administrator of Peruvian Sacred and a large number of professionals who are appropriate and brave to the unforeseen.

We propose group trips that are accompanied by professional guides specialized in history, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, hydraulics driven by their passion to share their vision of the visited destination, get to know them, find them, follow them and deepen their knowledge during their trip.

For Quality Tourism

Thanks to the experience and perseverance of our work, we have been awarded the TOURCERT certification, the AENOR Tourist Quality certification, the recognition of the quality, sustainability and social responsibility of the regional government of Cusco. , and we are currently in the process of implementing the ISO 21101 Safety in Adventure Tourism standard .

We encourage respect for the social practices of all the peoples involved in our activity, likewise we contribute to the economic and social growth and development of these peoples.

Peruvian Sacred & Adventure


It manages various segments of tourism in Peru, ensuring the highest quality of services, contributing to the economic and social development, generating decent employment to Improve the quality of life of the population and ensuring the assessment and conservation of natural historic national heritage and cultural.


Leading regional scope in adventure tourism in Peru.

Why Choose Us?

Peruvian Sacred & Adventure


We have managed to gain the confidence of our passengers and the friendly and partner agencies to charge us for the routes that we administer in operation.

Passionate Travel

By choosing Peruvian Sacred and Adventure you are choosing a company with a prosperous past. We have been operating tours for 15 years and have a large number of content clients.


We have acquired the necessary experience to move it to our passengers and agencies friends and partners who entrust us.


Demonstrated throughout the process, all sequences of operation, prior, concurrent and later.


We fulfill offered everything and always maintain equality between what we do, what we think and what is said or has been said.


We respect and value the time of others why we are faithful followers of all commitments, services, obligations on the agreed time.

Our Certifications

Peruvian Sacred & Adventure