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Peruvian Sacred & Adventure

PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE S.R.LTDA is a company from Cusco that has extensive experience in tourism at the national level. For more than 12 years it has been executing in an objective manner the provision of tourist services in the different modalities of tourism, especially in the form of adventure through walking and trekking or trekking within the Cusco region and the Red de Caminos Inka of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu from the year 2005 to the present.

PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE S.R.LTDA has the corresponding authorizations of Law, in compliance with Supreme Decree N ° 004-2016-MINCETUR that regulates the provision of the Travel agency service as stated in the Certificate N ° 346-2017-GR-CUSCO / DIRCETUR-DT issued by the Department of Foreign Trade and Tourism Cusco. Operating License N ° 005956 of our premises issued by the Municipality of Cusco and the authorization N ° 0145 of operation in the Inka Road Network issued by the Headquarters of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu of SERNANP in January 2016 effective until this year and temporarily expanded according to the new tourist use regulation of the SHM. We have the Constancy of the Code of Conduct ESNNA issued by MINCETUR, We are also active members of the Association of Tourism Agencies Cusco-AATC.

Our travel agency and Tourism has extensive experience in the conduct and operation of activities in the form of adventure tourism in the different tourist attractions of our country being the most requested the Inka Trail – Machupicchu in its different routes as well as Salkantay, Lares , Choquequirao, Huchuyqosqo, Wininkunka, Ausangate, Vilcabamba, Pumamarca, Ancascocha etc. among others in and outside the Cusco region.

We are a company that works under quality standards and well-defined business policies of a sustainable nature in each of our operations, valuing diversity and respect for the populations and communities receiving them; thus we also have the necessary logistics to guarantee the safety of our passengers, achieving the complete satisfaction of them, working continuously under our.

Why choose us?

Peruvian Sacred & Adventure


We have managed to gain the trust of our passengers and friendly and associated agencies to charge us for the routes that we manage in the operation.

Passionate Travel

By choosing Peruvian Sacred and Adventure you are choosing a company with a prosperous past. We have been operating tours for 15 years and have a large number of content clients.


We have acquired the necessary experience to move it to our passengers and agencies friends and partners who entrust us.


Demonstrated throughout the process, all sequences of operation, prior, concurrent and later.


We fulfill offered everything and always maintain equality between what we do, what we think and what is said or has been said.


We respect and value the time of others why we are faithful followers of all commitments, services, obligations on the agreed time.

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Peruvian Sacred & Adventure