The terms of the travel contract are regulated by the International Convention of Information agreed in Brussels on 23 April 1990. Pursuant to this agreement All cancellations, changes and transfers to the reserve (s) due to causes attributed to the passenger or his / her agency are subject to a penalty. All cancellations, changes and transfers of reserves due to accidental causes or accidental or unexpected events will be treated in accordance with this agreement.


All reservations made by the PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE are subject to the availability of transportation, accommodation, porters and guides. The availability of these will be confirmed with the passenger with a final confirmation.


The final itinerary will be prepared with the assistance and consultation with the passenger, however, this can be changed without notice due to changes in operating circumstances may require alteration of the order of activities due to natural disasters, riots social, strikes, etc. All last minute changes due to these circumstances will be made jointly with operators and passengers.


Air fares are subject to availability and price at the time of issue; these changes will be informed customer.

Schedules and flight numbers are subject to change by the air line to the flight date.


All changes in airport taxes and tourist services that are not generated by the PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE will be passed to the client.

When these changes in costs exceed 10% of the price agreed with the customer, the customer may cancel the contract incur a cost administration of only $ US $ 25.00, as long as the customer informs PERUVIAN SACRED 6 ADVENTURE written within 48 hours of being informed. If no cancellation is received by PERUVIAN SACRED& ADVENTURE written and assumed that the customer agrees with the change in costs.


Any change in the reserve requested by the customer need to be made at least 90 days prior to the date of the trip (individual travelers) work; for groups period it is 120 working days prior to the date of the trip.

PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE and reserves the right to change the itinerary and / or hotels and replace them with others of the same standard, if circumstances so require. However, if PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE can not provide the customer an essential part of adequate alternative services or no additional cost to the customer, or if the services provided are lower than the initially contracted quality, the customer will be compensated appropriately.


The transfer of tours and accommodation; except for services on the Inca Trail and air tickets. Train tickets and car / bus; It is possible when the customer has reasonable grounds for not attending the conference ie personal circumstances, illness. The customer must notify sacred Peruvian adventure at least 15 working days before the date of the trip. Any cost arising due to the change of name, etc. will be covered by the customer.

Cancellation of accommodation and guided tours organized.


All cancellations must be notified in writing and must include all relevant information. They will be taken care of within 24 hours in the operations department:

If a written notice at least 30 business days before the start date of the tour, they will refund the full deposit minus $ 15.00 USD (cost management).

If a written notice is received within the period of 16 to 29 working days before the beginning of PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE the travel and reserves the right to retain 50% of the total amount of the deposit plus $ 15.00USD (cost management).

Cancellations made less than 15 complete working days before the date of the trip will not have the amount of deposit refunded.


PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE acts as an intermediary in the organization of your trip by all accommodation, transportation and everything you need according to your travel needs, but assumes no responsibility in the case of accidents, loss of personal belongings, delays or interference with or during the trip due to force majeure or activities that are beyond our control, especially in the case of change of programs and time tables given by other tour operators.

PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE and accepts no liability in connection with the disease, physical and mental disabilities, etc., which may endanger the health, integrity passenger and third parties during the course of the trip.

No claim of this nature is accepted and we will not make refunds due to previous.

must make any complaint because the level of service knows that Peru sacred and adventure within 24 hours of the event. After this time period #peruviansacred & adventure will not accept any complaints.

Please contact us by email to reservas@peruviansacred.com
By phone:

  • Emergency: Cusco 251920
  • During office hours: Cusco 251920
  • Documentation passenger

PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE advises the client to ensure that all personal documents are valid and correct to avoid any problems during the trip.


PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE accepts no responsibility for delays and / or cancellations due to strikes, social unrest or any other public event that may cause delays or cancellations on the trip and / or contracted services.

In the case of these PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE circumstances and always be ready to help and support in everything always ensure that their safety is the highest priority.

Thank you for choosing PERUVIAN SACRED & ADVENTURE